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Felecia started early dedicating her life in service to God. It was evident that God had His hands on her as He guided her through service to Him.


She was licensed and ordained in October 2016 under the direction of Bishop C. McArthur Sanders and Partners to the Promise Conference of Churches.


Several months before that she was introduced to an undeserved community in Albemarle NC where she would spend most of her days working. Little did she know that this was an assignment from God. In 2019 she collaborated with A Safe Place Community Housing affording the agency the opportunity to expand their housing program to Albemarle. The program is geared towards providing housing for the homeless, mentally and physically disabled and those recently released from prison. 


As time passed together they created and collaborated with other agency that could together provide stable housing, nutrition, and life skills training to disadvantaged communities through their programs and services, so that individuals can live a more healthy and stable lifestyle. The coined phrase used was A Community Within A Community.


In early 2020 Felecia and her business partner and friend Mary Pearson began to plan the steps to planting a church in the community on November 29, 2020 the church had its first service. It wasn’t Felecia intentions to become the pastor because she grew up shy and didn’t like to speak in front of others. Her fear of public speaking often overshadowed her but God had other plans she was installed as the Pastor on January 9, 2022.


Felecia is open to speaking engagements and can be reached by phone or email.

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