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Felecia the business philosopher has an out of the box

way of looking at things allowing her to come up with

new and creative ideas and solutions for entrepreneurs

and busy professionals seeking a life outside of work.

She also tends not only to consider possibilities but also

analyze her thoughts before acting upon them so she can make

and help her clients make better decisions going forward.


Felecia is a member of the Exceptional Woman Network created by Dr. Michelle S. Thomas and the Director of the Charlotte Chapter. This platform gives her the ability to offer a catered approach and endless resources to help clients stand out from the crowd.


Both professionally and personally, she is passionate about improving the lives of others. Ensuring that they find success while feeling joy in a way that works best for them.


Felecia believes in the importance of being intentional and showing up for yourself in business. Her two favorite quotes are “Work Hard Until You no Longer Have to Introduce Yourself” and “If You Can’t Find A Resource That You Need.... Create It Yourself”

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